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Tuesday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Urban Meyer wrote John Brantley’s father a letter: “I said, ‘Enjoy the ride. Your song has grown up to be a man.’ I hope I get that same text some day from someone. That’s really cool. It’s the truth. What he’s done here in the last year has been exactly what we needed to have happen, and that is he’s grown up. He’s the leader of this team, and he’s Johnny Brantley. That’s good enough for us.”

Saban says Mark Ingram is out for the season-opener: "Mark will definitely be out for this week's game against San Jose State and we will manage this on a week to week basis beyond this week. We will make every decision in the future based on what's best for Mark and his career as we consult with Dr. Cain and Dr. Andrews on his progress. This is not an injury that will affect Mark's future ability to make a full recovery in a relatively short time frame."

Frank Beamer pumped about Tyrod Taylor: "There are so many teams each year that start out with a legitimate shot. I think we have the quarterback who can get us there. I feel the same about Tyrod as I do about Michael Vick. Whether we can come along and play consistently as a team quick enough -- that's the question right now.

Quoting Dan Mullen: “I probably don’t sleep as good as you do the rest of the yea. You’re just kind of in that whole game mentality. I think every year, the first game of the season every year, you know the routine, but you’re not into your routine.”

Dabo Swinney says ‘Don’t buy the lie’: “I tell them don't buy the lie” of doubters and also “don't buy the good stuff, either. I know it's fun to take a piece of paper and say 'whoa, they lost all this production. Michael Palmer – who's going to replace him? Spiller and Jacoby Ford – who's going to replace them?' You see all these guys in preseason NFL games that used to be wearing that paw; but that's just college – that's what it's all about.”

“Those guys were freshmen once too. It's 'next man up.' That's why you recruit, and I think we've recruited well. We've got a close football team that believes in each other and believes in the coaches. And if you've got that, then you have a chance to win. I tell our guys all the time 'we don't need anything.' We just have to work the right way.”

(on special teams) “We don't just talk it, we walk it. We believe in our routine as far as how we game plan and install things. We use our best players. Coach Powell gets first pick- whoever it is- doesn't matter. The players will tell you- if you are on that punt team that's the most important play of the game. There's not many offensive plays where you are going to get 40 yards. If a guy doesn't have that mentality you have to get him off. You have to be sold out on special teams. If you break it down, it's 25 to 35 snaps in a ball game. That's a lot of plays. So, we've got great emphasis from week to week and we do that. Coach Powell does a great job coordinating that and we've got a lot of eyes helping him out.”