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Tuesday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Bo Pelini says Nebraska is not a steppingstone: "I don't think Nebraska is a steppingstone job. It's a great job. You have all the things necessary to win. We have a great athletic director, we have great support. I love my staff. I'm happy. Am I going to say you would never ever look or talk to somebody? That's crazy to make an ultimatum like that. But we're not looking."

Quoting Norm Chow: “I never thought myself to be too stubborn that I couldn’t change. I think we owe it to our guys to put them in position to be successful. That’s what a coach does.”

Tuberville names Taylor Potts starting quarterback: “It’s basically numbers. As we looked at it, the thing that stands out about Steven (Sheffield) is he tends to make plays in and out of the pocket. And it really was against him in terms of how we practice because we don’t hit quarterbacks. We have a quick whistle. So we looked strictly at completion percentage, a guy throwing the ball to the right spot, right checks. There wasn’t a lot of separation.”

Chip Kelly will not Oregon quarterback on Saturday: “Saturday morning when we come out to practice (for) New Mexico, we’ll know who our starting quarterback’s going to be. It’s been the same plan all along, I’m not being evasive. This Saturday, right after Friday … Thursday, Friday, Saturday. … On Saturday morning, whoever takes the first snap (will be the starter). … I’ll tell you before if you want to call me.’’

Joker Phillips names Hartline starting quarterback: “We feel comfortable with all three of them, and that’s a good problem to have. But right now we feel like Mike Hartline gives us the best chance to win. He’s been more efficient; he’s playing faster than the other two.”

Quoting Texas A&M DC Tim DeRuyter: “I think we’ve got a chance to be a decent secondary. We’ve had some young players play for us [Texas A&M] the last couple of years and they’ve got some experience now. It’s one of those double-edged swords because it wasn’t necessarily good experience, and that’s when they realize that it’s hard. But you learn from that, and the next time they go out, hopefully that’s in the back of their mind and they know how to play.”

Quoting Nebraska DC Carl Pelini: “Managing is 75 percent of college quarterbacking.” 

Quoting BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall: "I think the urgency to get ready to play has increased. If anything, I think it is a lot to ask if a team is coming together. The more you go against each other and the closer it gets, usually the more heated it gets. So we have made it through pretty good to this point. We could probably make it two more days, and then we need to play somebody else. That's just normal. So I think they are coming together in the sense that they know they are going to play a game. In terms of coming together as a team, that will be easier once we start playing somebody else."

Willie Taggart decides on Kawaun Jakes as starting quarterback at Western Kentucky: