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Tuesday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Urban Meyers says it wasn’t a beauty pageant: “I think we had to do what we had to do to find a way to win that game. It wasn’t a beauty pageant. If it was, we would have lost. But we had to find a way to win that game. Everybody saw what we saw – it was a mess. Balls on the ground, lack of perimeter blocking and just the mechanics of the game. […] I give our staff a plus on that; I give us a minus on other things, but a plus on that.”

“I’d say the number one disappointment was ball security, number two was blocking the edge. That’s going to solve a lot of problems when we get that cleaned up. The good thing is, we can.”

Brent Venables talks about Oklahoma quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel: "He's a great leader of his quarterbacks. He’s got a great demeanor about him, great disposition, and his players emulate that and are a reflection on him."

"He understands that in order to play well ... there's an investment. There's a process to it, and you can't cheat the process.

"Josh is the classic example of that. He is a self-made guy. He's a believer in that. That's not something he learned out of a manual."

Lane Kiffin talks about his defensive backups: “When our backups went in, what happened? Four plays, 76 yards; seven plays, 68 yards. A minute, fifty-eight and two minutes, 35 seconds. I’d just rather they continue to improve on the technique and our fundamentals, and hopefully keep our guys healthy so we have those guys (the starters) out there.”

Kyle Whittingham on if Utah is being overlooked: "That's how we like it. We don't mention it to our team. We don't worry about anything that we can't control. We can control going out and playing our best football every week. We don't use that other stuff as a motivational tool or anything of that sort. We are just going about our business."

(if he’ll finish his career at Utah) "It's a great place to work and I get asked that question often. I think this is one of the best jobs in the country. But this profession is so volatile, so you never know what's on the horizon. But I can say without a doubt that I am very happy here."

(any aspirations to coach in the NFL?) "My dad [Fred] was an NFL guy [an assistant with the Rams and Raiders]. It always has intrigued me. I have friends in the NFL, like Andy Reid with the Eagles. ? So, who knows, maybe down the road."

Houston Nutt talks about going forward: "What's important to me is how are we going to get better. How are we going to respond now? When you get hit in the stomach like that and things don't go the way you want them to, it's about how you approach it in practice. That's the thing about this game. It's a tremendous teacher, a lot like life. Things aren't always going to go right or as you planned. It's how you respond, your attitude and how you get back up."

"It was a tremendous learning experience. Painful, but a learning experience."

UTEP head coach Mike Price pleased with defense: "I loved seeing the number 10 underneath the visitor's score," Price said. "We haven't seen that in a while (actually 2008 against SMU). ... There was no doubt in anybody's mind our defense wasn't improving and the defense did improve as the game went on. In the first quarter they had 122 yards, in the second quarter they had 93, in the third they had 53, in the fourth they had 22."

"Our defense only missed nine tackles, that's very unusual, very low. Usually when you’re under 15, under 20, that's good. If we can do that against Houston we'll be in great shape."

Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawsom reflects on 30-27 loss at Troy: