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Tuesday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Interesting quote from Jim Harbaugh: “And Michigan and Bo -- that was my foundation in football and the coaches that I had there. Just the way I look at the world view of football comes from my days at Michigan."

Bo Pelini say Nebraska bought the hype: "I think the guys bought into the hype. They bought into all the things that were being said about them. They believed it, instead of taking a good hard look at what we talk about each and every day. I said, 'You've got to respect the game or you get humbled.'"

Tuberville reiterates Red Raiders have to run the football: “We took our first-team offense and went against our first-team defense. ... We’ve got to play faster defensively to help our offense. We did that last week. We did some things in practice that Texas did to us to try to overcome the problems we had moving the football.”

“But we’re not going to ditch anything that we’re doing. We’ve got a good offense. We’ve just got to execute it better. Again, I came here to win a championship. For us to do that, we’re going to have to learn to run the football, whether it’s this year or next year. If you abandon it as we speak, then things will get worse. You’ll be going through quarterbacks very quickly.”

Joker Phillips says UK has to beat Ole Miss: “We're 3-1. We've still got an opportunity to have a great season, do something special. But we can't do anything special if we don't take care of business and go down (to Ole Miss) and come away with the victory.”

Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman talks NFL vs. College: “There is a lot of creativity and a lot of different things you can do that maybe you couldn't do in the NFL. A lot of that has to do with the speed coming off the edge and hitting your quarterback. You don't normally face great passers in college but maybe twice a year. In the NFL, you face one every single week. It changes how you play the game and the things you are able to do, so you can be a little more creative in college. In the NFL, you are so concerned with protecting your quarterback that you can't stray too far outside the box.”

"The other thing I have come to realize is it's harder to be a college football player than an NFL player. Not talent-wise, but a college football player is in class all day, has study hall at night, he gets rehab done if he's injured, there is weight-lifting. There is absolutely, positively no time. We have a 20-hour rule in the NCAA that I think is a great rule because if you take more than 20 hours, they can't get their education.”

Butch Davis concerned about ball security: “Ball security has dramatically got to get better. From a coaching perspective, we have to take that responsibility to make sure we're doing enough drills to encourage taking care of the football.”

Quoting Mark Richt: “It’s the most adversity that I’ve had since I’ve been here.The bottom line is we are 0-3 in the league, and we’ve never been there. We’ve had issues off the field that have been a distraction, and it’s sad for our team, our program, our university and our fans.”

“I’ve been blessed to be with Florida State (as an assistant coach) through all those years and to be at Georgia. We’ve been successful, and we know what success looks like. We know we’re not far off, and if we stay on course then it’s not far away. We’re going to continue to believe in each other and in our players.”

Bob Stoops talks about OU vs. Texas: "Winning that game doesn't do it all for you. It also gets down to being able to finish the season and be a champion. Three of the last four years, we've also been Big 12 champions."

Bronco Mendenhall says Utah State game is not a “make-or-break” : “It is certainly, in my mind, not a make-or-break game, nor are any games this season. It is the next chance to improve, the next chance to measure, the next chance to develop. Certainly a win is what we are shooting for. … But I think I have said all along that I think this step is going to be a longer process than I think many would like it to be. But I think the direction [BYU is heading in] is the right direction.”