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Tuesday's Coaches Quick Hits

Tuberville not pleased with run game: “Oregon rushed for almost 400 on New Mexico, and we did good to get close to 150. We’re not a running team like Oregon, but I would hope we would get at least 200.”

Interesting quote from Bobby Bowden: “I don't know of any coach in the country that does a better job of trying to keep his boys out of trouble than Mark (Richt). I remember when he first went there, he hired a man full time just to try to teach his kids what is right and what is wrong. I interviewed him at our place. We thought about hiring him at our place. We ended up hiring someone else.”

“I don't know of anybody that works harder than Mark to try to get his boys to go by the rules and do what's right. It just shows you. The kids have to live their life. They have to make that decision. To me, one of the biggest problems we've got, some of them are not getting the training at home. Just think about it. Here's a kid that's raised by his parents 17, 18 years. Then he comes to Florida State, gets in trouble.”

“The parents say, ‘Why can't you keep my kid out of trouble?' I say, ‘Look, you had him for 18 years. I've had him one. Give me time. I'll get it straightened out.' That's kind of the way it's going now.”

Very interesting quotes from Phil Fulmer. Pulling for Dooley, but down on the Vols: “It’s terrible. It’s hard to watch something you’ve put most of your adult life into and had just played for the (SEC) championship (in 2007) and all of a sudden you’re watching what’s transpiring now through the program and an obvious attempt to change the culture of Tennessee football that failed.”

“You’re looking I think at a fairly long-term problem, certainly with all the transition that the program has been through in the last couple of years from me to Kiffin, a good number of players that left the program, just I think a general attitude. I know my last few years if you talked about only winning nine, it was an act of terror, and now they’re pushing and hoping to win six to get in a bowl game someway.”

“I think the Tennessee family is very divided at this point and so much is centered around the job that (basketball coach) Bruce Pearl has done, and it has been fantastic. Obviously the last couple of years, all the uncertainty around the football program, the intent, or the seemingly intent to change the culture of Tennessee football just made it a very divided place. As an alumnus myself, and obviously the years that I served there as an assistant and head coach, it hurts to see those kinds of things going on.”

Mike Stoops and Arizona host Iowa this Saturday: "It's going to be a different kind of game than we've had. It's not going to be an east and west game. It's going to be north and south when they have the ball.

"It's going to be a much faster, much more violent game than we've had. They remind you a lot of Nebraska in a lot of ways. And we didn't handle that very well."

Houston Nutt says it’s time for Masoli: “Right now we’re going to start Jeremiah. In order to get the flow of things, and get that chemistry, it is probably best to have one quarterback.”

Mike Price very upset with defense, vows change: "I was surprised how our defense played. They didn't attack like we are going to do from now on. We may get beat, but we're not going to play defense like we did Friday night. They were sitting back catching and that's not the way to play defense."

"We don't have time to cry or sulk or pout about it. We've got the Aggies coming to town and they are improved. They look good, better than a year ago. They are making improvement and we've got to put the pedal to the medal. ... We want to give our best. Last week we didn't give our best. That wasn't Miner football as we know it."

"We're disappointed, upset, angry, anything you want to say except discouraged. We have good character on this team. We have really good people on this team." That character is now facing its first big test of the season.”

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: "I think we can play well and I think we can play better. And I think they well … We did not get in this total situation over night. You're not going to automatically wave a magic wand, snap your fingers and totally fix it."

Dan Hawkins talks about not “cashing it in” : "I think our guys have great resolve and they're not going to cash it in. They've got a lot of pride and they've worked too hard. I don't have any doubt that they will rally back."

Quoting Rick Neuheisel: "We believed we had a chance to be a good football team. We still do. I'm disappointed. We just need more competition on the practice field. We need to intensify the competition and that's going to start this week."

Bronco Mendenhall talks about loss to Air Force: “What became really apparent is we had an excellent week of preparation for Washington, with two extra days. When you add the offensive scheme of Air Force and a normal practice week, even though I thought practice went well, you could tell it still quite wasn't at the same level, and it showed up in execution.”

Quoting Charlie Strong: "We started turning the ball over and couldn't move the football. We couldn't maintain drives. We need to learn to play a complete ball game."

Troy special teams coordinator Shayne Wasden upset with KOC: "We've got to do a better job of coaching, a better job of tack­ling and a better job of playing hard.We had some guys out of posi­tion. That's something we can get corrected. Kickoff coverage is about 80 percent want-to and 20 percent technique, so we're going to find 10 guys who understand to run down there and run through a blocker and find the ball."

... so is Larry Blakeney: "We obviously don't have the right folks. We had to pooch (some kickoffs). You can't be a pooch team. You've got to be able to kick it deep. Some how, some way, we're going to get where we can."

Lane Kiffin's Monday presser: