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Tulane releases "The Playbook" for success

Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson and President Scott Cowan released The Playbook, outlining the vision for football success.

Cowan expressed a strong and renewed commitment to achieving success in football. He also announced that Tulane is looking into options to build a new stadium. Overall, the meeting with Tulane supports was positive and encouraging.

The last significant success at Tulane was in 1998 when Tommy Bowden led the Green Wave to a 12-0 record.

Since the announcement, Tulane has launched

Cowan said, “I don’t have the patience to wait a decade. Our line of sight is football. We are going to work as hard and long as we can to get it done. There’s only one way I will measure success and that is wins and losses.”

“We will achieve it and do it in a reasonable time frame.”

So what are the goals?

“It’s not to have 2 winning seasons every decade. My measure of success is winning the division and conference title every year and if we don’t, we’re trying our hardest to do that.”

“That’s not going to happen overnight.”

“We reimagined this entire university in 3 or 4 years (after Katrina), so we sure can do it for football.”

“We are looking at the possibility of playing venues. I do think that is one piece of the puzzle that it’s going to take to be successful.”

“I don’t have all the answers tonight, but we will have answers for you shortly, and we will let you know.”

Cowan ended by stating, “Together we are going to win and it’s going to start next year.”