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Tulane seeing unprecedented recruiting success

To say that Curtis Johnson has hit the recruiting trail hard since being hired would be a huge understatement.

According to a tweet from Matt Schwartz (@MattSchwartz15), Tulane has secured more recruits under Johnson by July 4th (16) than they had signed in the previous 6 years combined!

Thats impressive.

Part of that success is due to his recruiting approach in New Orleans (and Louisiana in general) and he has some impressive data to back up why.

"You know what, this is what my base is. I want to stay and start an infrastructure here. I want everything to come from within. Two things I know: there are more players in the NFL per capita from Louisiana than anywhere else and Florida was the No. 1 signing state of high school football players. One out of every 120 high school players signed scholarships. Louisiana was actually the second state, one out of every 170."

Johnson went on to explain that they have, and will continue to, focus their recruiting in those areas, as well as branch out to Texas and the east coast because of the quality football and their heavy alumni bases in those areas.

Good things are happening down at Tulane. Johnson is just getting started and shows no signs of slowing down.