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Turner Gills defends 2 policies, George O'Leary calls meeting "garbage"

Turner Gill says cell-phone and no women after 10 pm policies could affect recruiting: “I guess it could. But we can explain it. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“We’re just trying to teach them discipline. I’m not going to get into all the details … on our team policies and those things. But everything we do is about disciplining our guys and preparing for life with football and without football.”

 “It’s really just a situation of trying to teach guys how to do things the proper way and be respectful to women and be respectful to everything that we do in our society. It’s teaching people all about the things of life.”

George O’Leary calls players-only team meeting “garbage” : “That’s garbage. That’s garbage I don’t know why they do that. I was having a meeting right after it and stuff. It concerns me that they have to do something like that to remind them that we have a whole season to play. That bothers me as a head coach. When players call meetings, as a head coach, that’s for show. That’s nothing.”

UCF offensive coordinator Charlie Taafe moving to sideline to help freshman QB: “Coach O'Leary felt like he needed me to be there to talk with Jeff. I've done it both ways. I've been up in the box most of the time recently, but I think that's a good idea. I'll have a chance to settle him down a little bit and be able to talk to him."

Dabo Swinney praises DeQuan Bowers: “DeQuan Bowers is playing as well as anyone in the country.”

Carl Pelini expects “old-time Big Eight football” type of game at K-State: He keeps you off-balance. He's got enough option mixed in there. The wildcat. The throwing game ... They're a pretty balanced football team and create balance in very imaginative ways. Just look at formations and personnels and how he bounces around."

"They're very physical, very well-coached. Technique wise, they're as good as anyone we've played. It's going to be a hard-nosed, hard-hitting football game, with two teams hitting each other square in the mouth. It's going to come down to fundamental football. I can't emphasize that enough with our guys. It's about getting off blocks. Being good tacklers. Controlling the line of scrimmage -- old-time, Big Eight football."

Quoting Art Briles: "We have a team that feels pretty confident in what they're doing on the football field, and we have to understand that the reason they've been able to do that is the high level of practice and play on Saturday. If you have confidence, it helps with your production a lot of times. So we've got to make sure that we use what we have going for us right now."

"Like we've said all along, field position, turnovers and momentum determine the winner of the football game. If we can keep that margin in our favor, we'll have a lot of smiley faces, because that helps a lot."

UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck wants to run the football better: "We need to play better. It's nothing really more than that. We need to come off the ball and get bodies on bodies and be consistent."

Mike Price wants UTEP fans to affect Rice communication: "They make all their offensive calls from the sideline, they yell it out to the players on the field. If you want to help UTEP football, come Saturday night and scream and yell when they have the ball. Fans can be a factor; they can help a lot. This place can really help against this team. The crowd being aggressive can help us win."