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Turner Gill's practice play of the day

Kansas has a couple of things going with the launching of and the practice play of the day.

A theme on the new website is “Believe in each other, and things not yet seen.” One of the neat things on the site is the ability to watch previous episodes of “The Gridiron,” the weekly in-season behind-the-scenes look at Kansas football.

The Jayhawks are now 5 practices in to spring ball after a winter condition program admittedly focused on making the players more explosive and mentally tough.

Gill has been pleased with the wide receivers.

"I think the wide receivers are doing pretty well," said Gill. "As a unit they look pretty good. At this point no one person is standing out, but we have a good solid group there. Coach Beaty is an outstanding coach and a great communicator. He gets his players to really respond well on the football field and I know they will as we get into the season."

No one person may be standing out consistently, but we ask ‘Who is this wide receiver making the sweet grab in Turner’s practice play of the day?’

Courtesy of a tweet from Coach Gill, here is the film.

You even get the inter-cut version. We like it.

UPDATE: Email from a hardcore defensive line coach: Looks like illegal man downfield on the center.

SPRING FOOTBALL - PLAY OF THE DAY # 4 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.