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'Twitter allows you to define your program, control your message'

Twitter is a powerful tool that has limitless potential for all of us, especially as coaches. 

It took Paul Johnson a while to see the value, but he's started to take full advantage of the social media outlet. In fact, you may remember this gem. 

That was definitely one of the more fun tweets of the off season so far. On a more serious note, Johnson explained the power of Twitter from the perspective of a head coach in a recent article with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As coaches, the ability to communicate with your team, or recruits, is vital. Twitter also gives you the added advantage of being accessible to your entire fan base, as well as that of your rivals.

While all of that can be important to any head coach, Johnson explains that Twitter allows him the ability to define him and his program instead of leaving the door wide open for others to do the same. It can be argued that aspect is the most valuable for any program, at any level, especially in major college football.

"We talked about it some, and I just think it’s something that you probably need to do. We probably, depending on what’s going to happen with the (NCAA recruiting rules), will hire a Social Media guy to help with the program. We need to get our message out, and quit letting everybody try to define us."

“The media has an image of you, and they want to portray that image – so that’s what they are going to portray. They paint you a certain way, and that’s the way they want to portray you. I’ve never worried much about it, because the people I know, (they) know me. But Twitter gives you a chance to control your message a little bit.”

There you have it. Yet another advantage to being well versed in the world of social media.