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Twitter kings: Nobody does it like James Coley and Geoff Collins

James Coley and Geoff Collins have something in common other than serving as coordinators at the major D1 level.

Both coaches don’t hesitate to tweet, early and often, and with a ton of enthusiasm. And quite honestly, having followed both coaches during the last several months, neither coach tweets to self-promote.

Coley serves as the offensive coordinator / tight ends coach at Florida State. Collins joined the Mississippi State staff in the off-season as the co-defensive coordinator / linebackers coach. A year ago, he served as the defensive coordinator at FIU.

It’s safe to say these two coaches have fun using twitter. We’d imagine their respective fan bases appreciate their enthusiasm, as well.

Both coaches enjoy firing up fans by making them aware that they are working hard for their universities. Dan Mullen, since arriving in Starkville, has used the word “grinding” to describe how the Bulldog coaches and players are working. Since joining the staff in the off-season, Collins has grasped the “grinding” concept and run with it. In fact, he’s help take it to another level. And Bulldogs fans have become proud of the label.

Coley has immersed himself in the Florida State tradition. Like Collins, Coley likes to illustrate his relentless drive for the FSU program. The Seminole fans love it, evident by his 6,817 followers. In fact, Coley has more twitter followers than the athletic department twitter accounts at Texas Tech, USC, and Colorado.

Currently, Collins has 3,099 followers. That’s more than the athletic department twitter accounts at SMU, USF, and Boston College.

Here are some examples of Geoff Collins’ tweets from the last few months:

Rise & Grind!!! too excited to sleep during vacation... 68 days away from the start of the season & I gotta get ready too #DawgPoundRock


Rise and Grind!!! U gotta get up early if u wanna run with the BIG DAWGS… #MississippiStateFootball

4am... LETs GET IT!!!

Hop up out da bed... Turn my GRIND on!!! #Ready-Ready

Here are some examples of James Coley’s tweets from the last few months:

Back on the grind! Get ready for the Uprising! Year of the SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!

The Way of The SPEAR - Got it or Get it!

MiNDSET? Relentless!

Today, all day, all out - Tribe Up!

Already up, early start, never stop...... Relentless!!!!!!!!

In the 305 tonight - headed to the 407 tomorrow. FEAR THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

WARRIORS!!!!! Today we TAKE and leave nothing!!!!

Still GRINDING.... Non STOP... This is Florida State University.... This is the SEMINOLE nation. SCALP EM!