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Two weeks away: Clemson OC Chad Morris starting to feel it

Martavis, Cherone, Sammy, and Mike may become household names by the middle of the season, but Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris wants them to fully understand, “You may have done something in high school. Big deal. I don’t care.”

Love it! College football is getting close. And the coaches are starting to feel it, too.

Clemson fans are drooling over the 4 and 5-star offensive skill position players that signed with the Tigers in February.

But here are Chad Morris’ thoughts:

“There are about four of ‘em or so that will have an opportunity. When fall camp starts, we’re fixin’ to find out what they can do. They’re gonna have every opportunity. But again, they hadn’t done anything yet.”

“These guys need to know, you hadn’t done nothing yet. You may have done something in high school. Big deal. I don’t care. What are you fixin’ to do right now?”

“We can’t get you here as a 5-star athlete whatever you are, 4-star All-American or whatever and you think you’ve arrived. Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you’re here. You haven’t arrived. “

“That will be my first day meeting with those guys. If they don’t like it, tough. They can do something else. This is how we’re going to play.”