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UCF fans are turning to the White House for all black uniforms


"We the People" is a website aimed at giving people a voice in government decisions, allowing people to start petitions on things as serious as murder investigations, to things as silly as what uniforms to wear on a Saturday in the fall.

Yes, you read that right.

Since head coach George O'Leary has been vocal about his disdain for the black on black look, UCF fans have taken to the popular website to try go over O'Leary's head to get the black on black uni combination. Apparently, if the petition gets enough signatures, it is then forwarded to the appropriate White House personnel, where they then give an official response.

From the looks of the petition mid way through the day on Sunday (screenshot pictured below), they've got a long way to go if they want to see the all black look come fall. Only 99,923 more e-signatures needed, and when we checked on Friday, the petition had just one signature.

Progress is being made, but coach O'Leary has got to be feeling pretty confident at this point.

*Note how the petition is comically listed under "Innovation" as the issue category.