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UCLA, Arkansas, and Duke implementing 'The Pistol' to help run game

Duke offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Kurt Roper says the Blue Devils are experimenting with “The Pistol” to improve the running game.

Roper says, “We are trying to commit ourselves to a couple schemes and get really, really good at them, so the lineman up front do the same things over and over, the running backs do things over and over, and hopefully that leads to a high level of execution. You are who you are, but if you want to run the football, you have to call runs.”

“What I think you gotta find out is how successful those plays end up being. We obviously have got in ‘The Pistol’ some and run some plays. We’ll see. I can’t exactly tell you how it’s going to be. I am pleased with some of the early results.”

“We need to be a team that runs that ball better. Part of that is committing to the run. Last year, we didn’t commit much to the year. We felt we were going to be more successful doing the things we did to win football games. When you can run the football, it obviously helps in the red zone.”

Nevada’s Chris Ault started ‘The Pistol,’ which typically features a running back directly behind the quarterback in the shotgun formation. 

UCLA and Arkansas are expected to run more plays out of ‘The Pistol’ this season. At Arkansas, Petrino will rely on former Nevada offensive coordinator / offensive line coach Chris Klenakis as his new offensive line coach. Petrino, however, has renamed the formation 'The Shot.' 

Over the last two seasons, Nevada has finished in the top three in the nation of rushing offense by utilizing 'The Pistol.' Last season, Chris Ault's team led the country with 344 yards per game on the ground.