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Renderings: UCLA's new football facility "is the next step of the Bruin revolution"

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"I believe that this facility is the last piece of the puzzle for UCLA to become a national champion, and remain a player in the national championship picture year, after year, after year."

As you can see, UCLA is hyping up their new football facility to be "the next step of the Bruin revolution".

"For us to take the next step as a program, what I think we need to do is put one of the most remarkable football-only facilities on this beautiful campus, in this beatiful setting." Jim Mora states during his pitch to potential donors in the video above.

The new facility, which is being designed by the same company who did Oregon's state of the art building, will feature a brand new training room, strength and conditioning center, equipment and video rooms, coaches offices, and a new spacious team meeting room. Judging from the renderings below, it looks like it's going to be really nice.

"Any facility that we decide to build needs to honor the essence of UCLA, its traditions and needs to be open, and bright, and cutting edge, with clean lines. It has to wow you. It has to pull you in. It has to make people want to gather, and spend time."

"And it has to indicate excellence, because that's what we demand from our players."

Many Pac-12 programs have updated their facilities over the past few years (Oregon, USC, Utah...etc.), and with UCLA doing the same it shows how serious they are about doing whatever is needed to get Jim Mora Jr. and his program back to the top. This will be an outstanding recruiting tool for years to come.

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