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UCLA staff: Nobody's in a rush to go home

The seven new members of the UCLA staff have an impressive 90 years of combined experience either playing or coaching at the NFL level, and Jim Mora explains that they are meshing very well so far.

“I love them, but I’ve felt like that since the day I hired them. I hired them knowing their personalities already, knowing what their strengths were as football coaches, knowing how they dealt with players. I really never had a doubt that they would gel quickly. I’m extremely satisfied with them. I love every single bit of what they’re doing out here.” Mora explained.

New offensive line coach Adrian Klemm says that one of the biggest reasons the staff is clicking so well is the new environment that has been created in the offices. 

“There’s a lot of energy. It’s fun being here. Nobody’s in a rush to go home. It’s easy to work in an environment when it doesn’t feel like work.” 

Playing at the highest level is one thing, but having substance to go along with it and earning players respect is another. Linebackers coach / special teams coordinator Jeff Ulbrich explains that the new staff has a good mix of experience and substance.

“It helps when you open the door and you start your meeting. It helps with credibility, but if there’s no substance then that gets forgotten really quickly. I think coach Mora has done a great job assembling a group of guys that not only have NFL pedigrees but have substance to them.”

Mora and the staff will wrap up spring practices with their spring game on Saturday.