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UCONN coaches looking for quarterback "escapability"

Football coaches have created a new word.


Although the term is not an actual English word, “escapability” has become accepted as the skill to impress with elusiveness in the pocket.

Trent Dilfer, the best analyst in football, used the term no less than 9,221 times on TV and/or ESPN Radio during the 2010 football season.

It’s the skill that UCONN head coach Paul Pasqualoni and offensive coordinator George DeLeone are looking for on the recruiting trail.

DeLeone explained the ESPN, “In the NFL, I look at the great quarterbacks. I look at Drew Brees. One of the great things he has is escapability. You look at Phillip Rivers. One of the great things he has is escapability. I look at Tom Brady -- as great a dropback passer as he is, I see him avoid people in the pocket. As great a dropback passer as Peyton Manning is, I see him live and in person avoiding people in the pocket.” 

My point is, number one, quarterbacks have to have some sort of escapability. In today's day and age, with the amount of blitzes and pressures you see, quarterbacks have to be able to escape and have to do something beyond the design of the play to keep the chains moving.When we had Donovan McNabb, he was the greatest example of that. On three of the four third downs, he'd sit in pocket and throw the ball. And all of a sudden on the fourth one, he'd run for a first down and keep the chains moving.”

UCONN begins Spring practice today. The high in Storrs today is 48 degrees and sunny.