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UFL Staffs - Virginia and Omaha

So, the UFL season opener is tonight. For those that might have lost track, the league this year is playing with 4 teams (Virginia, Omaha, Sacramento and Las Vegas).

Virginia and Omaha play tonight while Vegas and Sacramento play Saturday night. The league tells us that all tevelvised games will be streamed live on; unfortunately tonight's game is not televised and thus will not be streamed. 

We thought we'd take this opportunity to catch you up on the current staff's of the 4 teams (will give you Virginia and Omaha now...the other two on Saturday as a reminder of that game).


Head Coach - Marty Schottenheimer

Offensive Coordinator - Terry Shea

Running Backs - Gerald Carr

Wide Receivers - Bobby Saunders

Offensive Line - Bill Laveroni

Tight Ends - Chet Fuhrman

Defensive Assistant - Kurt Schottenheimer

Defensive Line - John Marshall

Assistant Defensive Line - Delbert Cowsette

Linebackers - James Willis

Defensive Backs - Lionel Washington

Special Teams - Mike Stock


Head Coach - Joe Moglia

Offensive Coordinator - Bart Andrus

Offensive Line - Don Lawrence

Running Backs / Tight Ends - Brock Olivo

Wide Receivers - Kevin Daft

Quality Control / Offensive Line - Robert Hunt

Defensive Coordinator - Tom Olivadotti

Defensive Line - Brandon Noble

Defensive Backs - Pete Kuharchek

Quality Control / Defensive Line - Mike Gallagher

Special Teams - Richard Kent