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UGA AD applauds Richt, Barkley's awesome tweet, Congrats Willie Taggart

Georgia AD Greg McGarity applauds Mark Richt: “At one time it didn’t look it was going in the right direction for our program. And I have to credit Mark with what he was able to do, to basically rally the troops after a rough run there and a tough game at Colorado.”

“That different tone (more physical practices), and Mark being a man enough to take some responsibility to say we probably made some mistakes on the front end, in terms of the practices and the two-a-days. For him to acknowledge that, I think that speaks to the type of man he is.”

Jimbo Fisher describes the thing he learned the most from Saban and Bowden: "The greatest thing I learned from both of them, don't be like anybody else. Be yourself."

USC quarterback Matt Barkley tweeted on Saturday night: "Wow, Brock just got rocked! Lesnar is to Oregon as Velasquez is to SC. Lezgo."

Matt Barkley later explained: "That had nothing to do with Oregon. I just got fired up thinking about my teammates. It had to do with kind of being an underdog in a big fight, like we're going into. Everyone, of course, takes it out of context and blows it up. But that was about us and about our team and the adversity we've been through."

Indiana coach Bill Lynch describes consistent “next game” approach: “It’s the next game. We take real pride in being consistent in how we approach things from the Towson game on, and it will be that way all the way to Purdue. It’s the next game. If you all of a sudden make one game bigger than another with your players, you lose credibility with them a little bit. ‘Wait a minute, last week you said this. And now this week you’re saying this.’ There has to be a consistent approach.”

“If we spend time worrying about that (bowl possibilities) then we’re not doing our jobs. Our approach is consistent. We’re going to have our guys as well-prepared as we can every week to give ourselves the best chance to win. I think our guys respond well to that. You want to have a sense of urgency every week, from Week 1. That’s what good football teams do.”

UTEP coach Mike Price concerned about run defense heading into trip to Marshall: "We have to stop the run. I have a lot of confidence in (defensive coordinator) Andre Patterson coming up with a solution for that. It isn't recruiting bigger players, yet. We'll be doing that in the offseason. We've got to do with what we have. Andre will come up with something."

Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart talks about life since WKU's first win of the season: