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UGA responsible for NCAA violation at Dawg Night

Now, it's Georgia’s turn to deal with the NCAA.

At Friday night's "Dawg Night," an NCAA violation likely occured near the end of UGA's camp when a reporter snapped a (later-posted) photo of a recent UGA commit and offensive line coach Stacy Searles. 

Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes, “After the camp, coaches, players and parents mixed and mingled on Woodruff Practice Fields as media members who covered the event — there were several more besides me — wandered about and snapped pictures. As I was leaving, I spotted DeBell and Georgia offensive line coach Stacy Searels posing for pictures. I can’t be sure, but I think DeBell’s mother was the initial photographer. Seeing Searels and DeBell together arm-in-arm, I stopped and pulled out the trusty Canon PowerShot I had in my pocket and snapped a pic of the two individuals.”

Here are the 2 issues at hand:

  • Bylaw 13.10.1 states, “a member institution shall not permit a media entity to be present during any recruiting contact made by an institution’s coaching staff member.”
  • Bylaw13.10.5 states, “a member institution shall not publicize (or arrange for publicity of) a prospective student-athlete’s visit to the institution’s campus. Further, a prospective student-athlete may not participate in team activities that would make the public or media aware of the prospective student-athlete’s visit to the institution.”