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UL-Lafayette unveils slick new uniforms


UL-Lafayette has unveiled slick new uniforms that first-year head coach Mark Hudsepth believes can only help with recruiting.

You can see the Ragin Cajuns have a brand new pair of black pants. (We wonder if there is black top that isn't being shown.)

Hudspeth said, “Russell representatives came and met with us at our facility to design a product that was classy, traditional and a little bit cutting edge. I think it is something that is really going to look good not only for our fans and University, but the players and recruits.”

“Anything we can do to encourage recruits to come to UL…I am a fan of. I like them because they give us a lot options depending on what the theme may be for that week.”

On the field, the Ragin Cajuns are a week into camp and Hudspeth says the offense is working to form an identity.

He explained, “We are trying to establish a tough identity. We are not going to throw the ball 70 times a game. We want to establish the run. We are a spread team, therefore we will throw as well, but we want to focus on winning the game at the line of scrimmage.”

“I feel like we have developed depth at the offensive line position. We have improved our starting five there. We want to be a physical team that teams do not want to play.”

Here’s a look at the new uniforms.