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Unique bowl suggestion from an AD

Brett McMurphy of recently talked with an athletic director (who spoke on condition of anonymity) with an interesting suggestion on how to modify the current bowl system.

His suggestion was that "only the best 16 bowl games should remain with the remaining 'bowl games' held on campuses of the remaining bowl eligible teams".

Under this scenario, once the top 16 bowl games are filled, every remaining team that is bowl eligible would play in an on campus bowl game. This would help control the money teams lose in the second tier bowl games and hopefully provide better attendance while allowing players and coaches the opportunity to spend their free time visiting family around the holiday season.

The AD also suggested that each team receiving the same bowl gifts paid from a pool of central funds from BCS bowls.

Attendance would be a concern for many universities since most bowl games take place during holiday break, but the AD suggests that it is better than the current system because it would provide a spark of excitement surrounding the games, and the hosting teams would be able to provide decent locker rooms, which many lower tier bowls often lack because of many of the stadiums use for other high profile events the rest of the year.