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Smart idea: Kevin Wilson makes the most of final spring practice

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson used the spring game as another practice to get better.

The first-year head coach set up the spring schedule to allow for one last practice on Tuesday. In anticipation to voluntary summer workouts, Wilson wanted to make the most of the final practice by teaching the players how to run a practice on their own.

Wilson explained, “We used that last light practice to teach our guys how to practice this summer…drills we can do, how to run skelly or the throwing drills without the coaches here, quarterbacks calling plays, linebackers lining the defense up. We’re limited in coaches with what we can do (this summer), so today was just coaching the kids on how to do it.”

Overall, Wilson put a huge emphasis since landing the job on building a foundation of core values. He seemed pleased that the players bought into much of the philosophy.

“These kids have embraced our values, what we’re trying to be, our toughness. We stayed healthy. We’re getting faster and more confident. If we’re going to be a good team, we’ll keep building through the summer.”

For the 37th or 38th time since landing the job, Wilson was outspoken about the importance of the voluntary workouts during the summer.

“Voluntarily you are making the choice of building your team or bringing your team down by not being committed. We’ve got all the kids being here during session 1 and session 2. We want them to come back in shape, bigger, strong, faster….but we also want them to come back better football players.”

Indiana opens against Ball State in Lucas Oil Stadium. The Hoosiers then host Virginia and South Carolina State.