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Up 42-0 should you allow the other team to score?

"Up 42-0 should you allow the other team team to score?"

Assuming you live in the real world like most of the rest of us, the answer to the aforementioned question is clearly "abso-frickin-lutely not". 

Allow me to set the scene (although I didn't see this live and am relying on other reports).

Washington State hosted Idaho last night and marched out to a 28-0 halftime lead and was up 42-0 in the 4th quarter. Based on the reports I've read, Washington State pulled most of their starters and was playing a number of younger players in the 4th quarter. 

Here's where it got a bit odd. Idaho got the ball w 8:15 to play on their own 17 and began a long march down the field. Ultimately getting down to the 1 yard line with 25 seconds to play. At some point Washington State put some of their starters back in to attempt to hold on to the shutout. 

Washington State held Idaho on 4th and goal from the 1 and the game ended. Wazzu's last shutout was over a decade ago. A decade folks. If you have a chance to preserve one, you do so. 

(Video below is flash based and thus won't show on iPhones. Will try to locate another video as well)

As you can see in the video, Paul Petrino ran over to Mike Leach following the game and directed a few choice words at Leach for putting his starters back in the game. According to USA Today's Paul Myerberg, Leach's response sounded something like this:

For any coach to expect the opposing coach to simply allow an opponent to score in this situation is ridiculous. We coach to win, players play to win. Shutouts are a source of pride, especially at a place that isn't particularly known for playing suffocating defense. 

I hope given a night to reflect, that Paul calls Mike and apologizes. Paul's frustration truly should be with his team for failing to push it into the end zone regardless of who was on the field for Wazzu. Coaches make mistakes in the heat of the moment. It takes a big man to make that call; but its the right thing to do. 

I was happy to see that neither pushed the issue after the game. 

I just noticed this gem from Myerberg. The man was on his game last night.