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Update on Mark Richt

This might, or might not, surprise you; but nearly everyday we field questions about Mark Richt's future. A year ago the questions were "would the Bulldogs keep him?". Four months ago it was, "Will he last the season?". Then Richt ran off 10 straight wins. Then the questions became, "How big is Richt's extension going to be?"...

But of late, the rumors have been swirling with talk of Mark Richt taking the Penn State job after their respective bowl games. Last week, Richt made some statements to attempt to kill the issue. He said, "I've said many times Georgia is the place I want to be as long as Georgia will have me....and it's gratifying to know Georgia wants me....I have not talked to any other school about a job, nor do I have any interest in doing so." Georgia's AD came out with a similar statement, "He wants to be our coach and we want him to be our coach." 

Several times now, Richt and AD Greg McGarity have said they are working on an extension; however nothing is on paper yet. Asked today about the status of the extension, Richt now says they will talk about this after the bowl game adding that he and McGarity "trust each other". 

It sure would be nice if he would simply come out and say, "I will not be the head coach at Penn State next year." 

In an unrelated note, it was reported today that Mark Richt personally made payments to coaches and other support staff totaling more than $60,000 over the past few years. The payments were related to bonuses that the University didn't pay and raises that didn't get approved primarily.

McGarity made a statement about these payments, "The University believes Coach Richt acted out of a generous heart and certainly without any intention to violate NCAA rules." However, they did self-report 3 of the payments as secondary violations. 

If you read how Georgia describes each payment, it sure does look like Richt is doing the right thing in each case; but in this day and age it sure does seem odd that "compliance" wouldn't have been asked for approval on these checks before they were written. 

Update> ESPN's Chris Low summed it up pretty well