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Update on Purdue

Sunday 3PM Update> We have confirmed that Danny Hope has been let go. Details to come...

Original Story:

Danny Hope's 4th season at Purdue started off 3-1. Unfortunately, 5 straight losses followed (Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Minnesota and Penn State). At that time, we checked with sources on the staff and seemed to believe that if they won their final three they would have another year to continue to show improvement.

Well, the Boilermakers did just that. They won their final three (at Iowa and Illinois and against Indiana today). 6-6, 3-5 in the Big Ten. Bowl eligible; but is it enough?

Sources tell us we'll all find out tomorrow and we'll certainly keep you posted.

We listened to Coach Hope's press conference after their win over Indiana. Inevitably the question came up, listen to how Hope answered. I guess he's just speaking honestly; but his response likely wouldn't be characterized by most as positive.