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Update on the search at Arkansas

A young man from Arkansas called last night to ask me a few questions about the search at Arkansas. He asked a number of logical questions (would they really be interested in Charlie Strong, would Gary Patterson take the call, could Tuberville win here, etc...) and we had a very good talk for the first few minutes...

And then the whole conversation changed when he asked me if David Shaw would take the job! 

I was in stunned disbelief when he asked me that. "David Shaw, Stanford's coach?" Yes, that's who he asked about. I literally didn't know how to answer that in a polite manner. Why in the world would he ask if David Shaw would take the job.?.? 

Well he tells me that someone who he thought was credible said Shaw might be the guy. The conversation got real, real weird at this point.

Readers of FootballScoop generally are a pretty smart group when it comes to coaches and coaching. We're not trying to insult your knowledge, nor were we trying to insult that of the young man who called and asked; but allow us to recap who David Shaw is...

First, Shaw's father is Willie Shaw (longtime NFL coach who also coached in two different stints at Stanford). David himself played at Stanford for four years. He then went into coaching...with the goal of getting back to Stanford, his favorite place in the world. After a couple of stops in the NFL (Eagles, Raiders and Ravens), Shaw spent one year at University of San Diego before coming to Stanford with Jim Harbaugh for the '07 season as the offensive coordinator. Harbaugh, Shaw and their entire staff completely rebuilt Stanford's program in four seasons and when Harbaugh accepted the job with the 49ers, Stanford's administration offered the head coaching position to David. Unless he has aspirations to become President one day, we're pretty sure David Shaw has the job he has worked towards his entire life. 

This past Spring I had the pleasure of visiting with Shaw and his staff in their offices in Palo Alto and I routinely stay in touch with them. Great staff. These guys enjoy working together, they are on the same page and they have a great plan. To a man, every guy in the building looks up to Shaw. He has a presence and is a tremendous leader and a great representative of Stanford University.

Anyone who has ever been to Stanford's campus, much less worked there should no that there is no chance in the world that David Shaw would be looking for another job. 

OK, sorry for that. Back to last night. In less words than above I tried my best to be polite about this one and simply said that I'm highly, highly confident that David Shaw would not even consider listening to talk about the Arkansas job. 

Next...he says, "What about Mike Gundy?" --- What? Why would you think Mike Gundy is looking to leave Oklahoma State? Again, he said this is a guy that people are talking about.

I just don't know who people are listening to. Mike Gundy is not leaving Oklahoma State. Not now, not anytime soon. Seriously people. Talk to these coaches (or someone who knows them...or someone who knows anything about them) before offering this speculation that "Mike Gundy is a candidate at Arkansas". This stuff is ridiculous.

And just when I thought the call couldn't get any crazier, he says "Would Chip Kelly take the job if offered?" My head exploded. 

Why on earth would you think Chip Kelly would leave Oregon to come to Arkansas? 

Same response, "Well this guy says the Chip could be interested." 

I had to end the call. Simply couldn't take it. Didn't mean to be abrupt; but c'mon man. Chip Kelly? Have you guys ever been to Eugene and seen what Chip has to work with? The assets available to him are the best I've seen at the college level. Anything he needs for his program is there. If Nike's working on something new, guess who they are testing it with? Sure, the NFL is intriguing to Chip; but Arkansas? What in the world would make someone think that Chip Kelly would ask for that job?

I apologize for a bit of a rant here; but if anyone says (or said) that David Shaw, Mike Gundy or Chip Kelly has a shot to be the next head coach at Arkansas the person, or people, saying that needs to be questioned. 

So who will be the next head coach at Arkansas... in all honesty the indications that I have from sources in the profession are that Jeff Long doesn't know yet who he will hire. He has a list of coaches he plans to speak with and those conversations will take place at the appropriate time. One of those conversations will spark the "I've found my man" moment in Long's head and then he will know who he is moving forward with. Sure, we've heard the whispers of "this coach is interested" and "Long's interested in speaking with ____". We'll keep you posted as more concrete information becomes available to us.