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Update to, and from, the DFO National Committee

Please see the following correspondence from Jeff Hawkins:

To all of our colleagues in the DFO profession …

This convention will be an extremely important one because we are unveiling the reorganization of the DFO National Executive Committee which includes the configuration of Officers, District Reps and Trustees into a centralized body. It is actually a mirror-image of the AFCA’s organizational chart (i.e. no original thought here).

We are updating the organization because we believe that we have to: 

· update the districts to mirror the AFCA (handouts of those districts will be distributed).

· pursue the ideology that District Reps (versus Conference Reps) will be more effective in serving as a voice for their District members.

· create an opportunity for those who want to serve on projects and committees that is more open and effective.

· have a more structured, transparent and democratic process to become a District Representative.

· Attract fresh blood, new ideas and develop a method of thinking outside the box.

For the past decade we have struggled to put Conference Representatives in place. A lot of the problems stem from our very transient profession … we move around a lot. At the DFO General Assembly on Monday morning we will unveil the new structure for all to see and the process that we will be following going forward.

We have succeeded in establishing the Director of Football Operations as an essential and effective profession and no longer just a stop-gap job for someone who is waiting for the next coaching job to come along. Consistency and continuity is the key to success in our profession. Our relationship with the NCAA, AFCA and NFL has never been better and our voices are heard and respected from the upper echelons of those organizations.

Towards that end, I felt it was time for change [from the top down] and for the past six months we have worked closely with select people on our committee and with Coach Teaff of the AFCA to establish the new order. And we purposely made sure that the architects of this plan (i.e. Mike Vollmar of Tennessee, Gerry Capone of Virginia and myself) are not in a position of power. After 10 years I will be stepping down as Chairman of the DFO Committee but will remain in a Trustee position (along with Mike and Gerry) to assist the officers and district representatives as they see fit.

The DFO profession is now established in the culture and ranks of American football. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

See you in Indianapolis,


Jeff “Hawk” Hawkins


DFO National Executive Committee 

See the Full Agenda for the 2014 Operations Meetings at the AFCA