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Updates from Chizik and Tuberville

A couple of news, notes, and quotes from Auburn, FSU, and Texas Tech:

Chizik upset: "I was hoping it would be more physical today. Overall, I'm not pleased. We're going to get that fixed, ASAP, starting tomorrow. We certainly need to pick the tempo up, and that's happening tomorrow.''

Tuberville closes practice: “A lot of it��s for our players’ concentration, to make sure they can concentrate and our coaches can coach. I’ve always had open practices. This is the first time I’ve closed it this early. But it’s probably good with all the young guys we’ve got.” 

Florida State video

Auburn video

1. Former FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews was in attendance watching the Seminoles practice on Monday.

2. Auburn will rock white cleats this season.

3. Texas Tech is wearing new white helmets instead of the traditional black helmets.