Urban expects "an inferno" from the Horseshoe tomorrow

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With two games at the Horseshoe already under their belt, and another two coming up before they hit the road for their first away game up in East Lansing, Urban Meyer explains that he wants to see more out of their fans, starting tomorrow against Cal.

I expect much more. I expect a stadium to be an inferno, I expect players to be diving over each other to hit quarterbacks, I expect the offense to score a multitude of points and be celebrating in the end zone."

"It’s nothing close.” he explained.

“It’s a journey, it’s a marathon to get it where we want it. What we’ve done the first two weeks is nothing close to what this place should be like. I think that stadium ought to be absolutely electric."

Urban noted their own performance as part of the reason that he has been unimpressed with the home field advantage in their first two wins.

“But we need to play better. You want to get a stadium going? Go hit a quarterback. You want to really get the stadium going? Put a hand on a punt. That’s when people come out of their seats.”

Ohio State and Cal kickoff tomorrow at noon on ABC.