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Urban explains part of how he evaluates his staff

Urban Meyer's coaching tree makes one thing very clear; coach under him and your chances of becoming a head coach at the FBS level skyrocket.

Meyer's coaching tree just from his heyday at Florida include Charlie Strong (Texas), Dan Mullen (Mississippi State), Dan McCarney (North Texas), and Steve Addazio (Boston College), not to mention his Utah branch with Kyle Whittingham (Utah), and Gary Andersen (Wisconsin).

When a coach with that kind of eye for coaching talent talks about how he evaluates his assistant coaches, my ears perk up immediately. In a recent piece on, Meyer offered a glimpse inside what makes him such an effective mentor when he refers to the aggressive nature that he looks for from not only his players, but his staff as well.

“On defense, we don’t play defense the way I want it played. I want an aggressive defense that’s not worried about things, I want to create issues for the offense. I want to make sure the culture is clear. And I put that on myself." Meyer said before switching gears to talk about how that applies to his expectations for his coaching staff.

“I want to make sure that culture is out there. You’re not being rated on whether a kid knows what he’s doing. What you are being rated on as a unit leader and a coach is whether a kid plays as hard as he possibly can."

That's important because Meyer then notes that in his 27 years of coaching, it's always the team that plays the hardest that wins.

“You can’t overcome lack of effort with great technique. At some point, you’ll fail.”