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Urban Meyer explains his role with ESPN

Urban Meyer has agreed to join ESPN as a college football analyst.

Meyer said on Monday, "In the offseason, it's going to be minimal. During the season, it will be weekends, Friday and Saturday. It's a lot different than what I've been used to the past 25 years. I'm excited to do it.”

"I've had conversations with the family, and they're fired up, they're excited. I'm still going to be able to spend as much time (with the family) as I would have hoped."

Meyer coached 24 consecutive years before deciding to take a break from coaching after the 2010 season. During his career, Meyer has coached at Ohio State, Illinois State, Colorado State, Notre Dame, Bowling Green, Utah, and Florida.

We wonder if Meyer will be calling the Notre Dame vs. Michigan match-up in Ann Arbor in week #2. If so, we’ll give him until midway through the second quarter to drop his first, “You gotta be outta your mind.”

Meyer explained however, "It's not my job to be critical. My job is to analyze college football. I'm an analyst. I don't criticize. If I have a strong opinion one way or the other, I'm certainly going to do that."

Meyer will work a weekly game next Fall for ESPN. His additional duties include appearances on College Football Live, College GameDay, ESPN Radio, select bowl games, and SportsCenter.