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Urban Meyer explains "win-the-game mode"

Up by 17 late in the game against Wisconsin on Saturday, Urban Meyer made the decision to play the field position game in the final quarter and rely on taking care of the football and his special teams to seal the win.

It wasn't a popular decision with the fan base, and it wasn't meant to score style points with anyone watching, but what it was meant to do was give his team the win and allow him to walk away with his 17th straight victory as the Buckeye's head coach.

Meyer further explained his thought process and what "win-the-game mode" meant to him and his staff against Wisconsin yesterday with the media.

"Every time we had the ball was near the midfield area, and we have a very good punter, very good punt team. I trust our guys that we are going to down that ball and we are going to make them drive it 90 yards. The end of the day, you're up three scores against a team that supposedly can't throw the ball as well as they did, and we made a decision that the way we lose that game is turn the ball over. Maybe style points - I heard something (about) style points - we're not really concerned about that. But we won the game.” Urban said in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Fully understanding what they had to do to win the game, offensive coordinator Tom Herman was on board with the decision and was just fine with his offense running just 13 plays for 40 yards in the final 17 minutes of the game. Herman explained to the media on Monday that style points have never been discussed in a staff meeting before.

“There's a reason there's talk radio and message boards and that everybody in here has a job, and that's to discuss things that probably are never, ever, ever discussed in a staff room, (but) which you guys decide to lose sleep over, and that's fine....but we don't.

"I've been on a few different staffs. I've obviously got a few friends in the business, and I don't know that scenario or that style has ever been once discussed.”

I think it's safe to say that style points have never been (and will never be) discussed in any staff room across the country.

Herm Edwards said it best, and I'll leave it at that.