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Urban Meyer: Right now it is absolutely miserable hot

Today, Urban Meyer explained what this week is all about for the Gators. He also discussed the Gators’ tradition of having the freshman ‘earn their stripes.’

Meyer said, “Right now it is absolutely miserable hot and getting to the next day… It’s motivation. It’s chemistry building. It’s great meetings at night. It’s not identities. It’s not identifying who the best D-lineman is. It’s nowhere near that. It’s why we call it training camp.”

Regarding the freshman earning their stripes, Meyer explained, “We started that a long time ago. It’s basically to derecruit, to get rid of the nonsense to make them understand they are not an outstanding freshman, they are just another guy on the team trying to make their way.”

“We have a big brother, his big brother walks up and the position coach or myself or Mickey (Mariotti) recommends the stripe come off. They walk up in front of the team either in a team meeting or on the field and the young man stands up and sometimes gets very emotional because now he’s a Gator. His helmet is like everyone else’s, and so it’s kind of cool.”