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Urban Meyer talks about a complete turn of integrity in college coaching

Now that Urban Meyer is not a current coach, he won’t hesitate to speak his mind. Meyer admitted on Friday during an interview with 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, that being able to speak his mind is part of the reason he walked away from coaching.

Meyer explained, “What I’ve seen the last five years is a complete turn in the integrity of the college coaching profession. It’s completely turned the other way. Right now, it’s not good because the risk-reward is ‘have at it, do what you’ve got to do get the great player, go win games and at the end of the day we’ll find out what happens down the road."

“You tell me how a young man who is a wide receiver (Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State) and he lied to the NCAA and they took away his eligibility and he was never allowed to play again. And then there’s violations in other areas of the country and that doesn’t happen.”

Thanks to SportsbyBrooks, you can listen to the interview.