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Urban on App State: This isn't some clown show now. This is a good team.

Man…the Gators are 84th nationally in total offense and 50th in scoring offense. 

Today, as he begins to prepare his team for App State, Meyer reminded the media, "This isn't some clown show now. This is a good team."

App State is coming off a 43-13 drumming of the #4 ranked team in D1-AA, Wofford. The Moutaineers are scoring 37 points per game, which ranks 4th nationally in D1-AA.

Yesterday, Meyer said, "My whole focus is making sure that team sticks together. You see it across college football where it disintegrates, and I can't let that happen. … The message was real clear after the game. That was a crushed, crushed group.”

In regards to the 36-14 loss to South Carolina, Meyer stated, "Our special teams and defense played their hearts out. We had no momentum at all on offense, we couldn't get that thing to go. All the tempo and everything we worked so hard on for the last three weeks, it was like it went backward to where we were. So we've got a lot of work to do, but the key message is stick together.”

Isn’t it amazing that Texas and Florida will likely combine for only 11 wins in this regular season?

At 6-4, Urban Meyer’s team will close out the season by hosting Appalachian State, before traveling to Tallahassee to play FSU.