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Urban on rule #3, Paterno clueless, Tubs encouraged, Marrone's post-game ritual

Urban Meyer quite frank about rule number 3: "I have more of an issue about efficiency of practice. Fundamentals don't improve for a lot of reasons. No. 1 is you don't practice them at the game speed that you need to be practicing at; No. 2 [is] that you're not taught very well. No. 3 is that the player is not good enough. No. 3 is not allowed around here.

"... You don't say that here. That's very clear to our staff. It is what it is. You got what you got. Let's get them better and find out what they can do. Absolutely, we have the talent level to execute at a high level. I'd like to see it all put together at once, so we can operate."

"We don't have a bad play. I don't allow that. That's kind of my job. There's no such thing as saying, 'That's a bad play.' It might look awful because someone doesn't block the right guy or someone doesn't execute, so I go back to efficiency."

Minnesota’s Jeff Horton admits Joe Paterno had no clue who Horton was during pre-game: "It was obvious he didn't know who I was."

“I have no visions of grandeur about getting the head coaching job. It's not gonna happen. But this is like putting your resume out there for people to see and see what response you get."

Tubs pleased with offensive line, says he pulling for Auburn: Yeah, it’s (run game) getting better. I think it saved us in a couple games in terms of slowing the pass-rush down, and that’s the reason you do it. We’re getting more physical. The biggest improvement of our team from game one going into game eight is our offensive line. I think people have seen that. One reason is they work at it, the other is they’ve all been there all year long. We’ve had very few injuries. When you have consistency like that, you can become better at what you’re doing. I think they’re taking pride in the running game. You’ve got two good running backs and when you’re playing in an atmosphere that you’re trying to create some momentum and slow the pass-rush down, that’s the best avenue you’ve got. Run right at them.”

“I’m proud of them (Auburn). I’ve got a lot of kids on that team that we recruited. They’ve got 25 seniors. I didn’t recruit the quarterback, and I have not seen him play, but I’ve heard a lot about him. He must be something, a guy that can run that well in that league. I’m pulling for them.”

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone explains his post-game rituals: “I come back here (to the Manley Field House football wing), and I thank everyone – from the equipment people to the doctors and trainers, Win or lose, I think it’s important that you do that.”

“Then, honestly, I go home, and I have a bologna and cheese sandwich. That’s what I eat. I’ve been eating that since I was a little kid. It’s one thing I actually do look forward to. I also drink about four Gatorades. Then I put the TV on and I try to get away for awhile. Because I know the next day when I get up I have to go right back to work.”