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Urban sends message to Gator fans, Mike Riley wonders "Who are we?"

Urban Meyer send message to Gator fans, Florida host South Carolina on Saturday: "I've never really done this, but I want to make this the most intense stadium in the history of Florida football this Saturday. This is for the SEC Championship.”

"Get there early. I want everybody to wear blue — head to toe — including our players."

Nick Saban talks about LSU: "They're very quick up front. One of our goals up front was not to get a lot of negative plays. ...They did that. We did not run the ball effectively enough or consistently enough to stay ahead of the sticks. ...We became a little bit one dimensional."

Chizik not pleased with punters or punt return game: "To me, I'm not very happy with our punters, period. As long as they're sporadic in what we're doing, it's always open. I don't feel like we've improved in that area in awhile."

"We've got to be more effective catching the football...we've got to get more yards. We also dropped a ball (Carr), and that's unacceptable."

Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson says A&M punched them in the mouth: "You'd like to think if you're a good football team you can punch them off (the ball) and with good backs, your fullback or tailback, punch it in. They physically got after us and won the game right there."

Oregon State coach Mike Riley on if he will take up controversial call to give UCLA 1 second to allow 51-yard FG attempt at the end of game: “There wouldn’t be any satisfaction in any of that. It was just a decision the guy made in the booth, that’s basically the only response that I would get back. We’ve got many other issues (to deal with).’’

“Who are we? You know? That’s the question that’s still out there.’’