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Urban to Ohio State?

Late last night, a website devoted to Ohio State coverage tweeted that according to multiple sources, Urban Meyer has agreed to become the next head coach at Ohio State. They followed it up by tweeting that they were serious.

To be clear, this report is unconfirmed. 

Normally, an unconfirmed report from a local website that we aren't familiar with isn't the type of thing that we alert you to; however in this instance, a good number of national media began to volley the report around on twitter...some even vouching for the integrity of the site reporting this.

No question Urban should be at the top of nearly any program's list. The question here is given the unknown of how the NCAA (which just last week notified Ohio State that it will face "Failure to Monitor" charges) will rule against the University, would Urban be willing to sign on now.

As always, we'll have our eyes and ears open and will keep you informed.