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Urban's evaluation, Gundy wants permanent towers, Lane's presser

Urban Meyer evaluates the Gators’ win over Georgia: “The plan to win…play great defense. We’re not playing great defense. It’s just the way it is. We’re just not. It’s third downs and red zone. So #1, we did not accomplish. #2, turnovers…we did. We created 4 turnovers and gave the Florida offense great field position on many occasions. Red zone, we were 5 of 6. Kicking game, I don’t count it. 6 of 9 goals reached. 2 punts inside the 10 yard line. A game winning field goal, however we allowed a kickoff retuned past the 50 yard line at the most critical time in the game, which absolutely cannot happen.”

Gundy asking for permanent video towers: In the wake of the tragedy at Notre Dame, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said today he plans to ask for the construction of permanent video towers at the Okie State practice fields.

Memphis coach Larry Porter says Tigers got to reevaluate plans: "Losing does have a momentum of its own. First and foremost, I've got to start with me and my staff. We have to be very critical of what we're doing (and) not necessarily second-guessing ourselves, but just continuing to analyze what we're doing and trying to find ways to put our team in position to be more successful.''

Lane Kiffin says Oregon will probably win it all: "What you're going to see is people are going to start copying them like they always do, every #1 is once they start making a run. I'm sure people are going to start copying that. They're probably, I would think, going to run the table and win it all."

(on if defense play good enough to win) "As crazy as it sounds, yes. We did not play very well at all on offense. Some people may say, 'What are you talking about? You scored more on them than they had given up all year long.' That doesn't matter. You have to score more than that to beat those guys. Our defense may some mistakes, we didn't play great, but if we had done what we should have done on offense, I still think we could have won the game and it wouldn't have gotten as lopsided as it did, late."