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An interesting look at the recruiting advantage first year coaches have


Just a few weeks ago Kentucky was sitting on top of the college football world with the #1 ranked recruiting class and were coming off a spring that saw more people at their spring game than Texas had.

The buzz surrounding the Wildcat program was at an all time high and the only people more excited than the fan base for a new era of Kentucky football were recruits, and USA Today came out with an interesting piece today that took a look behind the success of first year coaches on the recruiting trail.

Citing numerous examples, Paul Myerberg's article (which you should really take a look at yourself to get the full scope) includes this graphic which shows first year head coaches and how the excitement of a new beginning translates to their recruiting class.

The excitement that a new staff can bring with them is called the "anticipation of a possibility", according to Robert Marshak, a senior scholar at American University's Department of Public Administration and Policy.

"The entrance of somebody new always holds out a little bit of hope that this person will somehow be different or act different or make different than what was before, and if before is not as good as you would like it to be, then there is that possibility." Marshak adds.

First year coaching staffs that find a way to capitalize on that hope with their recruits and fan bases (and continue to do it in year two, three, and beyond) are the guys that will be there for years to come.

Take a look at the full article, and Paul Myerberg's take here.