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USC AD Pat Haden: Here's the difference between our program and others

Lane Kiffin welcomed back former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez to meetings and practice last week.

During his visit, USC athletic director Pat Haden sat down with Sanchez and talked about the past.

Haden started off, “When I think of USC football against versus some other schools even the school across town, we have had including Matt Barkley 15 years of really good, sometimes superb quarterback play. 15 straight years. That’s the difference between our program and others.”

The list includes Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, John David Booty, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley.

Sanchez was quick to point out the advantage he had in New York having already gone through the dealings with the large market Los Angeles media during his days at USC.

Sanchez said, “Coming from here, that strong foundation, the media preparation. Just talking with other guys on the team, they never had that, and we’re talking about guys from big-time programs that played in major bowl games every year. They never had that. They didn’t have preparation like we had.”

“One of the things here, talking with Coach Sarkisian and Carson (Palmer), as soon as the game is over, people want to know what happened. You have to formulate your thoughts. You have to take a second. Sark and Carson use to tell me that. They said after the game you have to sit at your locker, or go to the training room, or sit in the shower for an extra minute and you just unwind (and gather your thoughts). I learned that here.”

With arms around the quarterbacks just after practice, USC quarterbacks coach Clay Helton said, “I’d like to thank Coach Sanchez for coming out today. If there’s a guy you want to model yourself after, model yourself after him. Student of the game, great mechanics, leader. Wore #6 proudly (looking at current #6 Cody Kessler).”

You can watch the video of the conversation with Haden and Sanchez, right here.