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USC launches SportsCenter-like commercial with Barkley

It’s that time of year again when college ticket managers are trying to create a sense of urgency to buy your season tickets.

We’ll probably see six articles this week from local beat writers about where ticket sales stand in comparison to last year at this same time.

USC has opted to attract the attention of the Trojan fans by way of a SportCenter-like promo commercial. This video features USC athletic director Pat Haden and quarterback Matt Barkley at a copy machine inside Heritage Hall.

Barkley doesn’t give a Peyton Manning like performance, but we have to admit, he appears capable of securing some future marketing gigs.

In a way, this video is another selling point for USC recruiting. The Trojans love their players and love to show off their players, always a plus for recruiting.

Barkley’s first line… “How about you try Gun, Explode, to Empty Right 10 Ricks, 65 Saw Z Stick Nod - R Option.”

Gruden would say, “What I like about Matt Barkley is his ability to communicate all the verbiage in a huddle call.”

Here’s the commercial. It’s worth watching.