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USC scrimmages with only 56 scholarship players

After the second scrimmage at USC, Lane Kiffin pointed out that only 56 scholarship players were able to take part in the scrimmage.

“We had 14 scholarship players that did not go today because of injuries, so we were at 56 for today. Obviously, that’s a scary number, so in the second half we didn’t tackle, as you saw.”

On the team’s identity, Kiffin stated, “I don’t think we’ll know until we start playing. Because of the limited live drills that we don’t really know. “

Once again, Kiffin had very encouraging words about backup quarterback Mitch Mustain. He also seemed very happy with a number of true freshman, and specifically noted the excellent play of wide receiver Markeith Ambles. 

USC is preparing to play the 2010 season with 71 scholarship players instead of the usual 85 allowed by the NCAA.