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USC's new facilities, a game-changer


At FootballScoop we hate to break bad news. Prepare yourselves, you might want to sit down for this.

As most of you probably know, USC won 10 games last year, including handing Chip Kelly his first loss ever at Autzen, all while being on double-not-so-secret probation from the NCAA. The part you might not know is that Lane Kiffin and his staff were able to do that despite having what are easily one of the worst set of facilities in the conference. Literally, if it rained, they took on water in the locker room, the weight room, etc...

After touring the current facilities, our respect for what both Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin have done at USC has grown significantly. 

Now, here's the part that a few months, Lane and the team (oh yeah, Matt Barkley's back) are moving into what will immediately become the nicest set of facilities in the conference. This might just be checkmate for Lane when it comes to recruiting. He's already got the weather, a great campus environment (although the surrounding neighborhood isn't as nice as one might like...but we don't see that slowing down too many kids), campus life that we're certain most 18 year old boys will enjoy to the fullest extent, the legend that is USC Football including six Heisman's on display as you walk into the existing facilities, etc...

These new facilities, scheduled to be completed in late July, will be very, very nice. You'll walk in and immediately see an amazingly large an impressive video display (it's actually comprised of 273 smaller panels). Staff members that have seen the demo say the pictures and visual capabilities are beyond anything they have ever seen before. 

If we were to put the before and after pictures side by side, we're quite certain those recruiting against SC might ram their head into a wall.

The building is built; but they are still adding drywall, flooring, pulling cable,'s a dusty place right now. Thus, none of the design components are in just yet; but once they are, this place is going to be very nice.

Opposing coaches who get to see Lane's office suite will immediately be placing a call to their AD saying they need an upgrade. For us to describe it in words would not be appropriate....we'll try to head back out there in August and take some video. 

More to come throughout the week on our visit with the USC coaching staff...

Below are a couple of pics from our day there. 

John Baxter talking Academic Game Plan. 


The view as you enter the current coaches offices.


Six Heismans on display.


SC's current training table (available to all students during the daytime).


Plenty of Trojans have made SI.


The current weight room is adequate. The new one will be top of the line.


The Coliseum. 


Leaving the tunnel, entering the field.


The massive new space for the 273 panel video board (will be amazing).


View from Lane's new office onto the practice fields.


"Prep Not Hype" - The motto for Spring Ball 2012.