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Use this Jimmy Fallon video to build goodwill on your campus

Robinson Cano used to play for the New York Yankees. Now he doesn't. Back in New York for the first time since inking a mega-deal with the Seattle Mariners, Cano teamed up with NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to play a prank on unsuspecting New Yorkers.

With a camera and microphone in their face, the show asked if they planned to boo Cano during his at-bats at Yankee Stadium. They all said yes. Then Cano appeared before them. They all fawned all over him. It's pretty darn funny.

Clearly, it would be hard to copy this exact idea for a college football program. But I'd like to see a school take this idea and flip it on its head.

Maybe LSU could ask students what they'd say to Les Miles if ever got the chance to meet him, have them say a few sentences and then, boom, there's the Mad Hatter himself? What about at Kansas State, Ohio State, Michigan, or school with a new head coach like Miami (Ohio)? Or maybe, dare to dream, Alabama?

Okay, maybe not. But let's see everybody else try this. There's some gold to be found here.