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Using an iPad on the sidelines

You probably don't know this, but the Portland TrailBlazers have been one of the best teams in the NBA this season. After a 33-49 finish to last season, Portland is off to a 13-2 start, riding an 11-game winning streak to the third-best record in the NBA. Why does this matter? Why are we writing about this on a football website?

The Blazers made a key off-season acquisition that spurred their white-hot start. The iPad. Portland now shows players in-game video from the bench, and they say it's turned into a major competitive advantage.

"It does [help] because you get to see it [again], and in the game everything happens so fast," shooting guard Wesley Matthews told Blazersedge. "You ask yourself, 'Did I rush it? I felt like I rushed it.' [The video can tell me] when I'm in that same situation -- off a flare screen, when Nic [Batum] passes over the top -- [if] I have more time to get the shot off or [if] I have to shoot it at that speed again. Or, could I have driven it?"

We understand that using any sort of live video during games is nearly universally banned throughout football (although at the high school level, some states are beginning to allow this in some form). But, can you imagine what the likes of Chip Kelly, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban would do if they could immediately review game film on the sidelines? 

The NBA allowing it sure does make us think this is coming...and probably sooner than you think. Will be fascinating to see.