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Vandy is going bowling

First of all, James Franklin has assembled a very good first year staff. Part of the FootballScoop staff spent a few hours at the Vanderbilt football complex earlier this month and it's clear this is a staff that enjoys working together, has things headed in the right direction and believes in what it is trying to accomplish.

One of the goals for this team is to go bowling in December (or January).

Well, in a somewhat unrelated story, coach Franklin took his team bowling (round black balls striking pins) recently.

As evidenced by this video, Franklin is teaching his players to work hard together, trust each other together, have fun together, that they will win together, etc...

Quite a few laughs in the video; but the Tennessee fan who walks into the bowling alley (around the 4:00 mark), sees the Vandy team and then leaves is worth sticking around for.