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Various post-game quotes

Some post-game quotes from Saturday:

Tim Brewster upset with Minnesota coaching: "We've got to do a better job coaching. I have to do a better job coaching."

Quoting James Madison head coach Mickey Matthews: “We hadn’t shown ‘The Pistol’ and I could tell that was bothering them.”

Brian Kelly accepts blame for play of backup quarterbacks: “I did a poor job preparing them.”

“Any loss is a disappointing loss. This is certainly a disappointment, not to be able to hold Michigan out of the end zone at the end. Hard fought game. Again, I think more than anything else, from my perspective, we challenged our football team at halftime to make sure that everybody knew the kind of football that we were going to play and create our own identity and personality. And that was pretty clear. We battled down 21 7. Come back and get the lead there. But, again, disappointing in the last drive that we weren't able to hold Michigan out.”

Quoting Jim Grobe after 54-48 win over Duke: "I think more than anything, we challenged them to play the coverage called. I thought we had some ad-lib stuff going on. Our kids were doing their own thing a little bit. I have to give Duke a lot of credit. They made a lot of good plays. There were times when we had the coverage right and they just beat us. They just flat went out and got the football. One time they ran power off tackle and we had the outside linebacker dropping into coverage. You hear so much about (Sean) Renfree and the receivers and you get to where you're trying to stop the throw game so much, that you forget they can run the football too.”

Bob Stoops on defeating his brother, Mark: "It's a rotten place to be because I appreciate the way our team played and all that, but you just cannot separate blood. I just don't like it. I knew that coming into the game I didn't, and I'm positive of it now after the game."

Quoting David Cutcliffe after 54-48 loss to Wake Forest: “I told our team that this by no means defines our team, or our season. And it wouldn't have if we had won today. And I say, had we won, say we got the onside kick, and we went down and scored, we'd all be happy. But we would've played exactly like we played, which isn't going to define who we are. It's my job to see and not make as many mistakes. There are reasons it happens, and defensively we simply need to tackle better to begin with. Just look at the numbers, guys are throwing at us, but most of those run yards, a lot of it wasn't tackling very well. And, when we tackled when, we shut them down. So, it goes back to correctable things. Will it define us, no; we have to play good, clean football. Kicking game goes from phenomenal to giving up the punt return; we're a pretty good return team.”

This guy can roll: