Venables contrasts Ball State offense with Mike Leach's

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Clemson takes on Ball State this weekend, and Brent Venables is impressed with the Cardinals offense after week 1.

Ball State is coming off a (37-26) win over MAC foe Eastern Michigan.

After breaking down film, Venables came away impressed with them schematically.

"They’re not just running plays and hoping they work. Mike Leach will run his seven routes, and that’s it. He’s going to run them over and over and make you be very precise in defending them. He doesn’t really care what you’re in and watches zero tape."

Venables noted that Cardinals offensive coordinator Rick Skrosky and the offensive staff are going to attack the defense with routes and schemes that are based on the coverage.

Against Eastern Michigan, Ball State recorded 36 first downs and racked up almost 600 yards of total offense, averaging around 6 yards per play both on the ground and in the in the air.

"Ball State cares what you’re in. This is a quarter-beater, this is a two-beater, this is a man-beater, and when you show pressure, we’re going to do this. You show two, we’re going to do that. And then they do it with high tempo. So it really forces you to be even more precise, and it forces them to have to execute, too.”

The Cardinals travel to Clemson and can be seen on ESPN3 or the ACC network at 12:30 on Saturday.